How to avoid Trump news?

How to avoid Trump news?

Archer Radcliffe Aug. 3 0

Deciphering Media Overloads

Let's think about one chronic issue that plagues people day in and out. No, I'm not talking about the uncertainties of a game of cricket, nor am I referring to whether Buster, my faithful old greyhound, will land the ball during fetch today. I'm pointing at the systematic rummage and mental clutter that's inevitable when your news feed floods with one eminent figure of our era - Donald Trump. Like me, you might have also wondered how to avoid Trump news, not because we don't respect his contributions, but just to alter the usual routine of our digital lives, and nourish our minds with some different food for thought.

Like the time when I had to hide a bowl of broccoli from my kids because Fergus and Elodie simply won't eat their dinner. You see, to foster a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it's important to diversify and manage the content that fills up our minds. Now, the good news is that, much like hiding the broccoli, there are ways to bury the Trump news feed under the digital rug, and I'm here to show you these simple tricks and techniques.

Curating Your Social Media News Feed

Whether it's the early morning Facebook scroll, the midday Twitter sneak peek, or the bedtime Insta-browsing, social media platforms tend to be the main culprits when it comes to Trump news. Do you remember the time when my parakeet, Peppy would not stop squawking? It's as if our feeds have caught a similar syndrome. However, the good news is like training Peppy, we can 'train' our social media platforms to reduce the influx of Trump news in our feeds.

For instance, Facebook has an option to tailor your news Feed preferences by selecting 'unfollow' for specific pages or people. Twitter gives you the liberty to 'mute' particular accounts or 'mute' specific words from appearing on your timeline. Instagram's 'mute' function could be your saviour on busy mornings when you want to sip your coffee with the chirping of the birds, Fergus' laughter, and Elodie's early morning sketching antics, rather than scrolls of Mr Trump's experiences.

The Role of Your Trusted Search Engine

Enter your go-to search engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo. This is where most of your unfiltered Trump news is probably seeping into your digital sphere from. However, even the omnipresent algorithms of these search engines can be tamed to your liking. Throw in a few cautionary measures into your search habits and voila, you could curb the Trump news considerably.

For Google Chrome users, there's an extension named 'Trump Filter' that promises to scrub Trump from your browsing experience. Other search engines too have similar content-blocking mechanisms or extensions in their respective 'store'. Probe into the settings and with a few clicks, you can control your content flow just like how you control Buster's meal portions so he doesn't over-eat.

Utilizing News Apps to Your Advantage

Every smartphone has one or more news apps - be it Google News, Microsoft News, Flipboard, or any other app you might prefer. These apps pull news from various sources and present a curated feed based on your interests. Just like you can express preferences for what to see, you also wield the power to block or reduce content related to specific topics or figures - in this case, Trump news.

With option to filter news, preferences settings or even just giving a lesser priority to Trump related news, the news app will gradually feed less and less of it to you. The algorithms are designed like Buster, to adapt and adjust based on feedback. So, don't worry, and start navigating those settings!

Finally, A More Analog Approach

Last but not least, you might consider the traditional pen and paper or watercolors and canvas. Turn off the digital distractions and embrace analog hobbies. Reading books, painting, playing with Buster, teaching Fergus magic tricks, or even penning down your thoughts or current affairs in a journal seldom include the noise of Trump news. I occasionally play a board game with Elodie and Fergus too - warms your heart like a good old cup of tea and muffin on a rainy afternoon, minus the Trump news!

Remember, it's not about developing an aversion; it's about knowing that you've a choice in defining the information that permeates your daily life. Feel free to peak in, cross-check, and keep abreast with the developments of Mr Trump occasionally, while also delving into the beauty of the diversified, vibrant world around you. After all, in a game of fetch, Buster doesn't go after the same ball all the time, does he? Variety, indeed, is the spice of life!

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